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Individual Counselling
$120 for 60 
minutes Online/In Office/Walk & Talk

Asking for help can be hard.  There's pressure to meet the demands of a "balanced" life despite most of us living without a network of support. Counselling can expand your support system and give you a confidential space to explore the difficulties you're facing. 


Individual sessions can address any of life's challenges, including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, pregnancy, perinatal and postpartum concerns, ​parenting, relational problems, grief and loss, alcohol/substance use and misuse or process addictions (gambling, shopping, pornography, etc.). In a non-judgmental and calm space, we can safely explore difficult emotions, thoughts, and patterns together, working towards rebuilding a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Couples Counselling
$150 for 60 minutes
$175 for 90 minutes

Couples in strong relationships grow each other. They are able to share and listen, provide support and accept help when their partner offers.  The couple’s relationship is a dance, and I am here to help you see your steps and regain your sense of rhythm, enjoyment in life, and perhaps even teach a new move or two.

With an integrative Emotionally Focused Therapy approach, we begin with forming a safe space for you and your partner.  We learn how to understand your conflict cycles and use the power of vulnerable emotions to help you connect on a new level, moving into a more supportive dynamic that meets everyone's emotional needs.

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